Zero excuse culture and honest reflection

“Zero excuse” culture and honest reflection

  • Skrevet af: Alex Olsen

During the week I had the great honor of meeting up with Danish badminton legend player and coach, Kenneth Jonassen. I am very grateful for the DCF’s new general manager and former Glostrup supremo J Alex Olsen who organized this meeting for me.

The reason behind wanting to meet Kenneth is that I am constantly striving to improve my All-round skills as a coach and no better place to look than the House of sport where many high quality coaches are based.

Kenneth spoke in detail about his coaching journey, his philosophies as a coach and how he sees creating relationships with his players are so important if he has any chance in helping his protégés drive towards success.

Other important messages that came out of this discussion with Kenneth was that the most successful players he works with have a “zero excuse” culture, reflect open and honestly after every training session and match and every training session he has with his players depending on the phase of year it is, is to challenge them physically, technically, tactically but most important he sees as mentally.

As we all are aware especially at the top of any sport, it’s the mental game that often determines who is the winner. By working on mental skills in daily training these players are then much better prepared to compete in world tournaments when pressure is at its upmost.

I am extremely delighted to have been given this opportunity to meet with Kenneth and his insight into what he feels has made him a very, very successful coach has broadened my knowledge and will no doubt make me reflect on how I can get the very best out of the players I work with.

Jeremy Bray

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