Nye regler for hjelme i internationale kampe

  • Skrevet af: Alex Olsen

Vi har modtaget nedenstående notits fra ICC og opfordrer hermed alle danske spillere, der deltager internationalt, til at læse med:

“Hello Everyone,

This note is to remind all Boards and their teams that from 1 January 2017, only helmets certified to BS7928:2013 shall be permitted to be worn by players when batting in international cricket matches. While it is not compulsory to wear a helmet at all times when batting, when a helmet is worn it must be certified to the new British Standard.

This decision was made by CEC in June this year, and the ICC Clothing & Equipment regulations have been updated to reflect this decision, with enforcement of the new helmet requirement commencing on 1 January 2017.

The issue will be policed in the same way as other clothing & equipment breaches, with the ICC Cricket Operations department being notified of potential breaches by match officials, with the video footage then being reviewed to confirm a breach before any notice is sent to the player’s Board.

A player continuing to wear non-compliant helmets after 1 January will be given two warnings (only one warning per match) before sanctions will apply.

The ICC and its Members have made this decision to ensure international cricketers are wearing the safest available helmets when playing international cricket, and Members have an important role to play in ensuring all their players are wearing British Standards compliant helmets.

To that end, a presentation has been put together to help educate Members and their players as to why the standard was revised, which makes of helmet are compliant, and what happens if a player continues to wear a non-compliant helmet. The link to the presentation is below:


It is strongly recommended that each Board identifies an internal process by which players can check whether their helmets are compliant or not, and that process be included as the last slide in the presentation.

In recent international matches, there have still been a number of players wearing non-compliant helmets when batting, so please discuss this with all players in your team as soon as practical. If the ICC can assist your Board in identifying particular players that have been wearing non-compliant helmets, please get in touch with Clive Hitchcock or myself.

The ICC does not want to have to apply sanctions for players wearing non-compliant helmets, so please work with your players and the ICC to ensure that the safest possible helmets are being worn prior to the introduction of these regulations on 1 January.

Kind regards,

Geoff Allardice
General Manager – Cricket
Nigel Mascarenhas
Development and Cricket Operations Officer”

OBS: DCF sponserer landsholdsspillere med tilbud om hjelme til ca. halv pris med DCF-logo. Disse hjelme er godkendt efter de nye standarder.



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