To Whom it May Concern,

I am contacting you regarding the possibility of gaining employment within your cricket coaching structure.

I am an Englishman who for the last 7 years has been residing in South Africa, coaching at provincial level.

I am looking to broaden my horizons as a coach and am looking for any opportunity, whether it be men, women, children, development to ply my trade in a different environment.

Please see my attached CV and covering letter for more detailed information on my coaching career so far. In a nutshell I have 5 years experience with provincial (first class) ladies cricket and 1 season of coaching regional (national level).

I have also been involved in numerous high performance programmes and provincial country districts cricket.

I would love to be involved in any grass roots projects you may have, I have indeed developed some proposals of my own, particularly regarding ladies cricket in my current region. In fact I would be interested in absolutely anything that I could get stuck into and promote all cricket for everyone concerned.

Thank you for your time.

Yours in cricket,

Adam Cotton

Adam Cotton – Covering Letter and Curriculum Vitae Sport 2014